Some IMPORTANT Updates

Over the past month or two I had been posting training updates every 6 days or so, and its been a longer while since my last post! I don’t want to write on-an-on, so here are some bullet points highlighting what I’ve been up to…

  • I took the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) on Saturday, March 24. So, my training block leading up to that date was mostly skipped or significantly shortened. That Saturday also started my spring break, and I only ran once or twice over break because I was exhausted from all of my preparations for the MCAT, and because I traveled a bit (Bayfield, Wisconsin once and Duluth twice).
  • SO, I plan to get back on track with my training sometime this week.
  • HERE IS THE IMPORTANT UPDATE: My prior race schedule involved Grandma’s marathon, the Chisago Lakes Half Ironman, the Superiorman Half Ironman, and the TC Marathon. Well, triathlon attendance in Minnesota has been dropping over the past few  years and I want to do my part to help the tri community a bit. So, instead of doing just two triathlons, I’ll be doing 6 this summer, while still keeping my long-distance goals. I’ll do the Heart of Lakes triathlon, Chisago Lakes Half Ironman, North Mankato Triathlon, Superiorman Half Ironman, Square Lake Sprint, and a 70.3 somewhere on the east coast Oh, and no TC Marathon. I’m already sick of running so much and I want to ride my bike. Hopefully adding a couple of races (while giving some training time after Grandma’s Marathon) will help the tri community. I love this sport and the triathlon lifestyle, so mixing up a few things is the least I can do.

Training Update: Block 8

Well this 6-day training block was a little rough for me.  On Tuesday I woke up feeling cold and achy, and as I sat in class I started feeling sick to my stomach. So, I laid in bed all Tuesday and skipped my workout.  I felt a little better on Wednesday, but I didn’t want to do a speed workout the day after I was sick, so I skipped that workout too.  Because I took the two days off, I shortened my long run yesterday so I could just get my legs moving again and to get back on track for Block 9. Here’s the recap:

Day 1: Off (as usual).

Day 2: Base run. 4 miles @7:30/mile on the treadmill.

Day 3: Threshold run. 2 miles @ 6:23/mile on the treadmill.

Day 4: Skipped, sick.

Day 5: Skipped, sick.

Day 6: Long run. Shortened to 5 miles @7:45/mile on the treadmill.

Today is Day 1 (off-day) for block 9, and I hope to be back on track with running starting tomorrow!

Training Update: Block 7

I finished my 7th 6-day training block this past Friday, and it all went well. Here’s the usual recap:

Day 1: Off

Day 2: Base run. 3 miles on the treadmill, 7:30/mile average.

Day 3: Threshold run. 2 Miles on the treadmill, 6:23/mile average.

Day 4: Base run. 3 miles on the treadmill, 7:30/mile average.

Day 5: Interval run. 2k, and I had to be on the treadmill because a sports team had the field house, so I did 5 x 0.25 miles @ 5:00/mile pace.  I haven’t ran this fast in a while and it was tough! I hit the pace for all of the intervals (1:15/0.25 miles) and I took a minute break between each.

Day 6: Long run. 6.5 miles OUTSIDE along east river road, I ran from St. Thomas to the U of M and back.  First outdoor run of the spring, and it was pretty tough because the river road is a little hillier than you’d expect.  I averaged 8:08/mile, a little slow but that’s no problem.

So, I racked up 15.75 miles during this block, which is more than I’ve done during most weeks of triathlon training in the past haha.

Big news: Block 8 starts me increasing my base distance! So for blocks 1-7 my base distance was 3 miles, and for blocks 8-14 they’ll be 4 miles, keeping the same pace of course.  As for my speed workout distance, blocks 1-5 were 1.5miles/kilometers, and blocks 6-10 are/were 2miles/kilometers.  Seeing a pattern? So my distance is increasing slightly and I will continue to do so, following the pattern I just mentioned.  The biggest news: My running is feeling more natural and I’m injury free! Cant wait to start running outside more often!

Training Update: Block 6

First and foremost, I’ve stopped doing the core and lifting sessions that previous blocks have had.  Just not enough time in the day when you’re studying and average of 180 pages each day for the Medical College Admissions Test on top of 4 classes. So, This block has no lifting or core, but after my test on the 24th I’ll start to incorporate them again. Most importantly though, I’m still on track with running (following the same patterns as other blocks). This week I increased my “speed” session distances.  Here is what block 6 looked like:

Day 1: Off

Day 2: Base run. 2 miles at 7:30/mile.  Was running out of time between classes so I did 2 instead of 3.

Day 3: Threshold run. 2 miles at 6:23/mile.

Day 4: Base run. 3 miles at 7:30/mile.

Day 5: Interval workout.  I did 2k total on the track. I did 2×400, 2×300, 2×200, 2×100. The first of each set was at 5:20/mile pace, or :20/100meter pace, and the next interval of each distance was just “faster”. I did: 1:20, 1:15… :59, :55… :38, :34… :19, :15.  Went well.

Day 6: Long run. 6 miles, averaging 7:45/mile.  First 3 were at 7:48 pace and next 3 were at 6:42 pace.  Felt good!


Training Update: Block 5

Block 5 is in the books. Here’s how it went:

Day 1: Lift.

Day 2: Base run followed by core. 3 miles at 7:30/mile.

Day 3: Threshold run, lift.  1.5 miles at 6:23/mile.

Day 4: Base run followed by core. 3 miles at 7:30/mile.

Day 5: Interval run, skipped lift.  Again, I had to be on the treadmill because the track/fieldhouse was being used. So, I did 1.5k (0.95 miles) and I increased the elevation and speed, alternatively, every 0.05 miles.  So I think I started at  6:30/mile pace and 0% incline, then at 0.05 miles I increased the incline by 0.5%, then at 0.1 miles I upped the pace to 6:27/mile (increase of 0.1mph), and so on.  I ended up running at 5:50 pace with 4.5% incline which was tough! I skipped the afternoon’s lift (not enough time in the day.

Day 6: Long run followed by core. 3 miles at 7:48/mile.  I was intending to do 6, but cut the distance in half because my ankle was feeling weird, AND I hadn’t eaten all day and was feeling weak, AND because I had a crazy busy day and needed more time to dedicate to homework.

Week, overall, included 2 lifts, 3 core sessions, and 11.5 miles of running.

I’m very busy right now, as I have to take the MCAT in 4 weeks, so I’m always tired and I rightfully put studying first if I’m crunched for time.  Today I’m skipping my planned lift (day 1 of block 6), and with this, I’ll have three skipped/shortened workouts in a row.  I’m not too concerned though, it might give my body some recovery time so I can tackle upcoming workouts with the right energy and mental state. Also, it’s only February, so not all workouts are vital right now.

Block 6 starts today (with a skipped lift), but I’ll be back on track with my running (more important) workouts tomorrow!

Training Update: Block 4

I just wrapped up the 4th 6-day training block of 2018! My running is starting to feel really good; more natural and less effortful. The pattern for this block followed the others.  Here’s how it went…

Day 1: Lift.

Day 2: Base run followed by core. 3 miles @ 7:30/mile.

Day 3: Threshold run, skipped lift. 1.5 miles at 6:23/mile. Skipped the lift, it was a busy day, but still got the more important workout (the run) in.

Day 4: Base run followed by core. 3 miles @ 7:30/mile.

Day 5: 1.5k hard run, lift. I had to be on the treadmill (the softball team had the track/field house), so I did 0.55 miles at 5:50/mile pace, a short rest, then 0.40 miles at 5:33/mile pace, all at a 3% incline.

Day 6: Long run, followed by core. I did 5.5 miles, averaging 7:45/mile. The first 2.75 miles were at 7:48/mile, and the last 2.75 miles were at 7:42/mile.  The run felt really good; it wasn’t too difficult and the miles flew by like nothing.  Remember, during block 1 my long run was 4 miles.

Overall: 2 lifts, 3 core sessions, and 14 miles of running.  Most importantly, my legs feel fine and my shins aren’t showing any sign of injury.  My long runs keep getting longer and feeling easier, and coming up in a few blocks I’ll increase my speed workout and base workout distances (as they’ve been constant up until now).

Training Update: Block 3

Yesterday I finished block 3 of 6-day training blocks! Here’s how it went…

Day 1: Lift.

Day 2: Base run followed by core.  I did 2 miles because I was at home and it was getting dark out, but still ran it at around 7:30/mile.

Day 3: Threshold run, lift. 1.5 miles at 6:23/mile.  Felt pretty easy, actually.

Day 4: Base run followed by core. 3 miles at 7:30/mile.

Day 5: Interval run, lift. I did 1500m of running total.  I did a fartlek run, running 300m fast, base, fast, base, fast. Splits were 1:00, 1:30 (base), 1:01, 1:40 (base), 0:58. For reference, 1:00/300 is a 5:20 mile.

Day 6: Long run followed by core.  5 miles at goal marathon race pace.  First 2.5 miles at 7:48/mile and last 2.5 miles at 7:42/mile for a total of 7:45/mile average.  Felt good for almost all of the 38:45 of running!

Weekly total was 3 lifts, 3 core sessions, and 12.5 miles of running.  Big note: I’m injury free, gaining strength and endurance, and developing consistency.

Not much else to talk about, see you for another update in 6 days or so.